Tuesday, April 23, 2013


This weekend it was GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS.

On Saturday I had a girly-party at my apartment. What a wonderful thing: girly parties. Lots of good food, plenty of wine, dresses, pretty necklaces and gossip about boys... obviously. I have no pictures, but just imagine that it looked like something on Pinterest. It didn't, but just imagine it did anyway.

Some a-hole prevented Julie from coming in for the weekend (since she was supposed to come on Friday) so my brunch date with Julie and Michelle on Sunday turned into lunch with Michelle on Sunday. What did I have? Heaven.


In case you're wondering what that is, it's an open faced smoked ham and Monterey Jack cheese sandwich on banana bread with mango chutney from Parish Cafe on Boylston.

....Nope, Monterey Jack cheese on banana bread definitely tastes as good, possibly better, than skinny feels. But thanks for your input.

Then we went shopping and bought perfume.

Afterwards I saw Jessica, and we took a walk around the North End and Waterfront, which I followed up with the last 57 minutes of Sex and the City 2 and an asparagus gruyere tart and carrot cake cupcake as soon as I got home.

What a fantastic weekend.

So fantastic, in fact, that you'd think I would have slept peacefully, likesuchas:

No such luck. Last night I thought there were mice in my room while I was trying to fall sleep. Turns out it was just the wind blowing the string for the blinds all over the wall. Then I woke up at 4am for no reason. Then, I woke up at 6:18am in a panic because I thought I slept past my alarm. I proceeded to wake Alan up in a panic, again. Good thing we still had another whole hour to sleep. It was a tough night all around.

Also, at some point in the night, I took out one of my earrings while I was sleeping. At least I was responsible enough to put the back back on and put it on my nightstand...


...What's tough about a blog is that I'm blogging even though nothing that cool happened in my life. So thanks for sticking with it to the end. That was really kind of you.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I am most upset, and other updates.


I am le mis.

2. I wonder if every red head in this city knows that I have a crush on them. Seriously.

3. Yesterday, Jessica and I went for a run down Commonwealth and stopped over on Newbury St. to get as close to Boylston St. without being pummeled by the FBI as possible. I didn't take any pictures because I didn't think it was appropriate, but man is it eerie. And it's sad.

4. Knowing that there are so many news anchors here, I've been on the lookout for faces I might recognize. I saw Scott Pelley from CBS news yesterday after my run. He has very dewy skin. Also, I'm pretty sure that for .3 seconds I was on National News because I walked right behind him while the camera was rolling. I hope America saw my high waisted pants, sweaty hair, and general state of disorder and it provided them with a few moments of light laughter and distraction. No autographs, please.

5. Today I thought I saw Anderson Cooper casually eating lunch in Post Office Square. Turns out it was not him. I guess I forgot that if Anderson Cooper were eating lunch in Post Office Square, it wouldn't be so casually.

6. I can't wait until my Fruit & Vegetable CSA starts showing up.


 I don't really have any further comments on this, I just want it to start showing up is all.

7. I'm still taking pictures of Winston & Walter.

I realize that it's the same exact picture every time, even though I'm taking them on different days, but I can't stop.

That bean bag is for lovers.

You can smoosh their faces if you want to.


Friday, April 12, 2013


Oh, I haven't blogged in months? Well, I was busy.

I got my hair cut, I bought a six month membership to the gym (and went for a solid month...three months ago), ordered a new cook book, and bought a plane ticket to Italy.

I was busy.

Anyway, what's done is done and here I am. Let's hope it sticks. Doubt it will so I'll see you next year.

Last night I went out with a couple girlfriends for Jessica's 27th birthday. It's just so good to be around girls sometimes instead of at home with boys constantly yelling at the TV because A) the Red Sox or the Bruins or the Patriots or any other sports team on the face of this planet that doesn't hail from New York is losing or made a bad pass, B) the Red Sox or Bruins or Patriots are losing on the X Box, or C) because not enough people are dying in any game that may be being played at that moment on the X Box. I just don't get boys.

Anyway, on the way to the bar, I bought a new lipstick. Why? No reason. Just thought I'd like a new lipstick.

First, I needed to try on this exact color*.

Then I had a mini photo shoot. Obnoxious. But now I know: Malibu Barbie Pink belongs only on Malibu Barbie. And on the MAC make-up artists. But on no one else under any circumstances.

It's fine. I selected Grandma Nude (to go with my grandma beige nail polish and all my navy/black/beige/navy/grey/navy/beige clothes). Welcome to my life as a cubicle.

Anyway, after my purchase (and a few white lies about needing a new bronzer so that they would freshen mine up and also about having an identical twin sister *which is why I needed to try the Malibu Barbie pink on "because she might like it") I headed off to the bar.

I was having a great time with all the girls laughing and gabbing and talking about lipsticks and then I heard "I just really wish skorts would come back."

Ahh, the skort. Yes, I remember skorts. Per Urban Dictionary:


        1. a skirty sort of shorts
        2. a mullet for your butt

        Included was a special note that skorts are terminally ugly and also a warning to children that
        skorts are, and always will be, a fashion faux pas.

Sidenote- I stumbled upon this gem as I was googling 'skorts, function over fashion':

For all those times you need a table and just don't have one.
Anyway, Ciao! (I'm practicing my Italian before my trip that way I don't end up speaking Spanish to the servers like I did in France)