Friday, May 4, 2012


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Writing my first blog, I've decided, is hard. What am I even supposed to write about? Why did I even start a blog? Whyyy??? Why.

For a moment I thought that I would write about running. I like running (I don't).... I just ran 8.01 miles (two weeks ago)....  and I'm training for a marathon (I'm not). I could write about how Ashley and I started a running club (this part is true, though it's not truly a club until we have shirts and mugs...), but since I don't run nearly as often as I think I do, it can wait. No. My first blog will be about finding dimes.

And so here it is. A blog about finding dimes. It's my first try...

I find dimes. I find so many dimes: "Well... there's another one on the sidewalk." "Oh look, one on the step of the train I'm boarding." "Oh my, a dime in the Altoids box. Funny that I picked this register out of the six that are open." They're everywhere, and only I find them. Or they find only me.

Dimes. Everywhere.

Not nickels, not quarters, not $100 bills (someday?). Pennies, yes, but they're not nearly, for about nine reasons, as exciting to me as dimes.

It happens for a few months, stops for a few weeks, then starts for another few months. It's magic every time.

I never really thought about where they come from*. I just assumed it happened and that it happened to me by some wonderful Giver that would give me enough dimes to make my first, second and (possibly) third million dollars. But alas, there's no Giver giving me one, two or three million dollars one dime at a time. It's too bad really....

Recently, I've been thinking that Granny, Grandpa or Aunt Dorothy has been sending me dimes. To thank them, I now wink and smile up toward the sky. Yes, I look like a weirdo. No, it's not too far from the norm.

Even if it's not the case, even if there's no one "sending" me dimes, and I just find them out of dumb luck (hey.... I'll take it).... I like to think they're sending me dimes.

I don't really know what dimes represent yet, or why I need to believe that someone is sending me dimes. I think that maybe I never will, and that's okay. I just like finding them. It makes my memories, the few though I may have, of Granny, Grandpa, Aunt Dorothy, and now Grandad, reoccur.

There will be more posts about dimes as long as I keep finding dimes, and I think I always will.

Thanks for reading my first post. *Sorry I ended a sentence with a preposition.


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