Friday, October 26, 2012

What I've been doing.

Well, alright. I suck. I think I'm just going to re-title this blog "When I feel like it."

It's not even like I'm soooo busy doing soooo many things and that's why I don't blog. In fact, it's almost quite the opposite. I've got lots, oodles, and scores of free time. I'm just spending it doing pointless things like going to Whole Foods for the fourth time in three days, smoosh-ing my kittens faces together and/or into my face, checking out Pinterest, and making granola (which is a two hour long process even if it only requires 36 seconds of my time).

I just don't blog. Ever. Period.

Any way. Here's how I filled my time:

1. Being awkward.

The other day, the Executive Director at my place of work asked me in passing, "Hey Katie. What's the word?" and I instinctively responded "The bird is the word." Pretty sure I'm not getting a promotion any time soon.

"B-b-b-bird, bird, bird. The bird is the word."

I also said "easy-peasy" to someone at work the other day.

2. Getting presents.

Alan got me tickets to Cirque du Soleil for my birthday! A couple of things. Number 1. I can't wait for my mind to be blown (similarly to Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen in Knocked Up less the mushrooms). Number 2. I'm wondering if I'll see this...

or this


What bums me out is the fact that the acrobats in the first picture are probably eight years old. All I was doing at eight years old was picking my nose and watching the Little Mermaid. 

What upsets me about the second picture is the fact that I can barely do more than one push-up and these guys are doing pushups with two humans on top of them with the top guy doing a handstand with one hand. 

I probably should have eaten Wheaties as a kid instead of those gross rice puffs my mom made me eat. Then I really could have made something out of those three gymnastics classes I took when I was seven.

3. I was turning old enough to finally rent a car without having to pay a fee.

Not paying fees? Awesome.
Being the only one not carded at a bar? Not awesome. It's just rude.

4. Not running.

I've only run twice since my half marathon three weeks ago. The second run wasn't so bad, but the first one.... pfft. For the birds.

First of all, I was miserable by my second mile. Second of all, I got side stitches. Third of all, I've always had this irrational fear that if I look into a group of trees when it's dark, I'm going to see someone hanging from them (WHOA. Sorry for bringing the morbid vibe). It's completely irrational. Anyway, it was dark and I was running through a very dense area with no street lights when Pandora cut to a commercial for the movie Sinister. I was even more miserable from that point on.   

Actually, I'm lucky that I was able to listen to music at all since I got this message the first time I started Pandora up:

Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize that Boston, Massachusetts wasn't a part of the United States.

Anyway, I'd like to wish myself 'goodluck' on Saturday. 

5. I got this ice-cream maker:
 and my life has been complete ever since.

6. I spent time with my parents.

They were here last weekend for my birthday which was really nice. I made them sleep on an air mattress which I'm sure they appreciated and then made them walk about 5 miles a day which I'm sure they also appreciated. Alan did not appreciate it so much. We walked around the Arnold Arboretum and then I made them take this corny family photo:

Then I made Alan take a picture with me:

Yes. Those are leaves in my hand. Yes. That's Alan's hand on his thigh like a weirdo.

7. I watched the Walking Dead. Finally.

Per usual, I screamed like a little girl, covered my head with a blanket, and yelled "NO NO NO NO NO" and "I HATE THIS SHOW" throughout the whole episode. Finally, after my bajillionth interruption, my Dad asked, "then why do you watch it?" I turned and said, "because it's soooo good!" I'm sure 96% of viewers completely understand and agree with my rationale.

8. I watched my mom and Alan take shots together.


9. Continuing to have Extensor tendonitis.

I'm beginning to wonder if 25 is when things start to turn south. I've noticed that my heartburn is picking up in frequency and my knees hurt. Ugh.

That's all.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Karma and in other news

I believe in Karma mostly for the following two reasons:

Reason 1: The more money I give, the more money I find. Every time I find a few dollars on the ground, I use 2/3 of it to buy newspapers from various homeless people, and put the rest in an old Carlo Rossi jug. (Oh, Carlo Rossi, how "good" you were to me at one point in my life... I put 'good' in quotes because there's really nothing good about Carlo Rossi on a Friday night or especially the morning after. Except the jug. Love the jug.)

Sidenote- I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Good Karma must be in cahoots with the homeless newspaper business because I keep finding money and therefore keep having to find new homeless people to buy newspapers from (since I don't want to play favorites).

Yes, Wonka. Life is hard when you have to keep scouting further and further from your office. (I must say, though, the 1/3 finder's fee isn't so bad. At the rate I'm finding money, I'll be a billionaire in no time (such an exaggeration). Thanks, Karma.)

Reason 2. I saw someone at my half-marathon last Sunday with bib # 666. I laughed and said "hah! sucks to be that guy" out loud.

This is what I got in an e-mail today:

 (Shut up, Karma.)

In other news, today marks three years since I came to Boston. As I reflect on my the past three years, the friends that I've made and the experiences I've had, I must say, I really did make the right choice in moving here (sorry, family).

I say this partly for the close proximity to fresh seafood, preppy redheads in boat shoes and New England in the fall and mostly because I met this guy (technically I met him three years ago tomorrow):


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Whelp, forgot about posting.

My oh my. It would seem as though I've reverted back to my non-posting ways. I could have posted on my day off yesterday (thank you, Chris C.) however I was too busy watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Gossip Girl (stop judging me right now), eating M&M Minis and failing at arts & crafts (aka impossibly easy impossible Pinterest projects).

Let me catch you up on some of the things that have happened since my last post:

1. Winston and Walter were almost kaput within seven days of getting them. True story.

One day they decided to get very, very sick. Both of them. For no reason (I'm sure there was a reason, but $1000+ worth of ER visits and tests over three days with no diagnosis makes me think the kittens were just faking it).

Both were doing well and were back to wrestling, breaking my stuff, tearing my new sofa, meowing and pouncing on my leg, however Winston is sick again. Poor little guy. All Walter wants to do is pounce him and bite his ears and I can't even let him do it. Poor two little guys.

1a. We finally got a sofa. 

2. The presidential debates began. Walter could have cared less.

 I'm with ya, Walt. Good thing I had wine, popcorn and homemade chocolate chip cookies to keep me occupied.

 3. I took a yoga class. The teacher kept calling us 'yogis' and told me I looked like a runner (I don't. My feet have recently turned gross though, so maybe that's how she knew I occasionally run?). I was the only person in the class that couldn't do a headstand and lacked any kind of poise and balance so that was a little awkward. It's fine. Runners don't need to do headstands.

4. Edythe came for a visit. It was great to see her, and great to gossip. Nothing like some good family gossip over wine and cheese. Sorry, family, if you're reading this. Nothing bad was said, I promise.

5. I ran my first half marathon on Sunday with Ashley and we did pretty well. I got a "runners high" around mile 9 and was convinced that I could run a marathon if I wanted to. That thought quickly went away at mile 13.2, aka when I sat down. I have another half marathon in three weeks, so we'll see how that goes. I'm (oddly) looking forward to it. I'm thinking that feeling will wear off, though, when it's 6:30am on a Saturday and I'm running up and down the freezing coast of Falmouth.

6. According to the internet, I have Extensor Tendonitis so that's fun.

7. Julie was here for the weekend (so was Sean) which was really exciting. I got to see Michelle, too (and Brian) so that was even better. What I love most about the three of us getting together is that we tell the same stories from college every time we get together, and every time I still laugh to the point of hyperventilation. Also what I love is the shenanigans we get ourselves into. Love the shenanigans. (This is the worst, most vague bullet point I've ever made. I really apologize. I'm laughing so hard while writing this. There's just no way of putting years of best friend-ship into a post and have it make sense and/or be funny to anyone but you.)

Well, that's about all that's happened (how is that all that's happened in two weeks, you ask? I live the life of a cat-lady now, so there's not much going on these days at my apartment except cat food and litter boxes). I'll be better about writing blogs. I promise.

Update. There was something else that I did since my last post. I watched the Bills vs. Patriots game at the same bar I watched the first game in  (dressed more appropriately this time I'm happy to report). I was THE only loud Bills fan in the bar which was very clear during the first half of the game when the Bills were beating the Patriots. I was hootin' and hollerin' (about what I have no idea) and someone turned to Alan and asked, "is she with you?" to which Alan replied "no." I was feeling pretty good about myself and thought for a little while that I was going to be celebrating another Bills victory. That was not the case, however, and I was reminded of that throughout the second half.

Whatever. Let me enjoy my hot chocolate(s) at the bar in peace, people. It's just a game.