Friday, July 5, 2013

Enjoy my no photos.

So a couple of things:

1. Edythe was here yesterday for the Fourth of July. We went to Rockport, drooled over everything in every shop we entered, impulse bought some things, looked at the pretty views of Coastal Massachusetts and then had lobster. Then ice cream. Then we went to tea where we had many things to eat.

I took some photos, but I can't figure out how to get them from my phone to my computer and so now you will see nothing.

Then we went to Jess' apartment to watch fireworks from her roof. I took no pictures and therefore you will see nothing... again.

2. I cut my toe somehow when I was out with Julie and so I haven't been able to run for a couple of weeks. It's not that I was running before I cut my toe, but at least I feel better about not doing anything remotely athletic except for bicep curls.

I don't know why I ever think about running as a good form of exercise, anyway. I really just don't care for it.

I almost always have better things to do. Like hull the 17lbs of strawberries I got from Stillman's farm, or shell peas, or fluff my cat's face, or pretend like I'll ever get through Don Quixote, or Clorox wipe everything. I'm just so busy doing these things, so there's just no time. Plus, the heat and humidity are just so oppressive these days.

 3. I am one of about six people at work today because no one normal actually works the day after the Fourth of July. The day is not flying by.

3a. I always hated when a teacher would respond to any question that started "Can I..." with "I don't know, can you?"

When Edythe and I were walking around Rockport, I heard someone say, "Can you take a picture of [someone] and I?" and I said out loud (but not that loud), "it's 'me', but whatever."

I just wish people knew the difference, that's all.

4. Girl Code is my new favorite show.

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