Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Wow, here we are. A month and a half from my last post. I would just like it to be on record that I was upfront about my laziness inability to post on a regular schedule. I would also like it to be on record that since it's the thought that counts, I'd say I've posted quite regularly over the past month. And a half.

Anyway. Let's talk dirty.

No, no. It's not that kind of post (please... my mother reads this) (which is about it besides Ashley)(thanks both for the support of my blog and subtle disappointment in my lack of actually blogging).

Rather, let's talk color.

(hint: cover the picture from the bib numbers up)

Ashley and I ran a 5k on Sunday sponsored by ColorMeRad. I've never experienced such a 5k in my entire life (mostly because this is a pretty unique 5k and partly because this is only my third ever 5k... my first two being the exact same standard 5k).

As we pounded/dragged/wishedweneversignedupfora5kinjuly along the zig-zaging course, Ashley and I passed through four cloudy stations of color, each one covering us in a different neon color via handfulls of neon powder.

It was a rainbow-brite lover's paradise, with neon colored cornstarch being thrown at runners like the sand you threw at your little sister on the beach, less the crying and tattle-tailing. I had the feeling that somewhere in Boston, a RoseArt Super Sand Art manufacturing plant just exploded, its contents landing only in the South Shore Plaza. On me specifically.

It was a good run, but mostly a good time. As we reached the finish line, in record time.... 25.34 right Ashley  ;-)... everything became monochromatic. Everything was bluepinkpurpleyellowgreen. Quite literally everything. Our hair was bluepinkpurpleyellowgreen; our shirts were bluepinkpurpleyellowgreen; our socks/shoes/shorts/hands/teeth/sunglasses/inner ears were bluepinkpurpleyellowgreen; and, our armpits, belly buttons, elbow creases, faces and the backs of our knees were a dark and drippy bluepinkpurpleyellowgreen.
What an "acceptable" way to feel like a kid again beyond the time in your life that you feel like a kid at all. I say "acceptable" with "" because no one driving past us on our ride home found it acceptable that two girls covered in paint were in a car driving down the highway. Whatever. I had a good time with a good friend and that's what mattered.

Coming off of our 5k, Ashley and I decided that we should start our own 5k (look for H2gO! in cities near you!) and also sign up for our first half-marathon. One of these things is false. The other is in process.

I'll blog about how it goes... in a month. And a half.

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