Monday, July 23, 2012

My life sans Facebook and other updates.

I de-activated my Facebook account four and a half weeks ago while sitting on an airplane headed back to Boston from LA. It's been a marvelous and freeing four and a half weeks.

One big plus of de-activating my account: my mornings (immediately upon waking up) no longer include looking through half-open crusty eyes into the too-bright white light of status updates concerning things I don't care about written by people I don't remember meeting (it's impressive how much creeping can be done on Facebook profiles of people you don't know. Hours of it, I dare say).

Another big plus: telling people that I don't have Facebook. I haven't had to tell anyone that yet, mostly because no one in the last four and a half weeks has asked if I'm on Facebook, but when I do, it'll feel good. I met someone while on a vacation recently who didn't have a Facebook account. When he told me this, I thought... Wow. What a really cool guy. Turns out he was a registered sex offender, so I guess that's a good reason not to have Facebook.

There are times I wonder if any awkward photos of me have been added recently, and times that I wonder if today is my best friend's, cousin's, sister's, or my birthday (funny how we all rely so heavily on Facebook for notifications on things we should know anyway). But those thoughts eventually pass. I definitely recommend de-activation to anyone who wonders how they constantly end up on their friend's cousin's friend's brother's wife's wall, and/or anyone who wants the freedom of their morningdaynightallnight back.

In other news, I signed up for a half-marathon with my friends Julie and Ashley. I'm looking forward to it (no I'm not) and hope that I at least finish. I ran 8.1 miles once, and from mile 6 on I thought my knee caps were going to break through my skin. I'm not sure how 13.1 miles will go. Following a better running schedule that gradually increases the distance and time I have to cry to myself about even signing up for a half-marathon in the first place will likely help. Please pray for me.

I was in New York City for the weekend visiting my friends Jon and Ben whom I've been friends with since 7th and 1st grade, respectively. I spent time with good friends, ate some really good food, saw parts of the city that I hadn't seen before (isn't that always the case?), drank bellini's all morning, drank Jack and Gingers all day, drank beers all night and bought orange pants. All in all, a successful trip as any I'd say.

So that's that. I don't know how to end this blog except awkwardly. Bye.

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