Thursday, October 11, 2012

Karma and in other news

I believe in Karma mostly for the following two reasons:

Reason 1: The more money I give, the more money I find. Every time I find a few dollars on the ground, I use 2/3 of it to buy newspapers from various homeless people, and put the rest in an old Carlo Rossi jug. (Oh, Carlo Rossi, how "good" you were to me at one point in my life... I put 'good' in quotes because there's really nothing good about Carlo Rossi on a Friday night or especially the morning after. Except the jug. Love the jug.)

Sidenote- I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Good Karma must be in cahoots with the homeless newspaper business because I keep finding money and therefore keep having to find new homeless people to buy newspapers from (since I don't want to play favorites).

Yes, Wonka. Life is hard when you have to keep scouting further and further from your office. (I must say, though, the 1/3 finder's fee isn't so bad. At the rate I'm finding money, I'll be a billionaire in no time (such an exaggeration). Thanks, Karma.)

Reason 2. I saw someone at my half-marathon last Sunday with bib # 666. I laughed and said "hah! sucks to be that guy" out loud.

This is what I got in an e-mail today:

 (Shut up, Karma.)

In other news, today marks three years since I came to Boston. As I reflect on my the past three years, the friends that I've made and the experiences I've had, I must say, I really did make the right choice in moving here (sorry, family).

I say this partly for the close proximity to fresh seafood, preppy redheads in boat shoes and New England in the fall and mostly because I met this guy (technically I met him three years ago tomorrow):


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  1. LMAO over your number for the marathon. hope you don't get blown away!!!