Wednesday, December 4, 2013

More disappointment.

In continuation of there being no good in the world, I still don't have a llama love sweater.

Someone commented on a previous post I did about my situation (which means that someone other than my mom and Ashley has been reading, so that's fantastic). Apparently, life is all sparkles and rainbows over in her world since SHE FOUND A LLAMA LOVE SWEATER AT A J. CREW AND MADEWELL SAMPLE SALE yesterday in New York City. 

I can't speak further about it at the moment. She seems really nice, though, so at least the sweater is going to a good home.
My home is good too, Madewell. MY HOME IS GOOD, TOO.

PS. If you do a Google search under the 'shopping' category for "Llama Love sweater," this is what you get

It's December 4th, which means it's almost January 5th, which means Downton Abbey is almost back on.

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