Monday, August 13, 2012

Put Me in the Zoo

My cute boyfriend and I went to the Franklin Park Zoo yesterday. I was really excited about it all weekend (literally yelled "WE'RE GOING TO THE ZOO" across my apartment every time I thought about it), and went to bed Saturday night completely* prepared for the zoo on Sunday.


woke up to rain and thunder/lightning forecasts;
*got to the zoo and realized I never put the memory card back in my fully charged big and bulky camera;
no bears.;
no elephants.;
no meerkats.;
realized my dress was on backwards the whole day; and
the (one) lion and tigers slept the full four hours we were there.

What I enjoyed about the zoo was the ostriches, peacocks, gorillas and kangaroos. Also, I enjoyed that my hair looked particularly good despite the unbearable humidity that turned me into a raging monster while getting ready made the front of my dress stick awkwardly and disgustingly to my body every three seconds (pulling at my belt ump-teen times to create a semi warm body heat/air breeze did help me realize my dress was on backwards, though, so I guess it's not all bad news. You may be wondering, "But did she change her dress around once she realized???"

Didn't. If Angelina can wear her dress backward, so can I.)

So, of the animals at the zoo that were conscious and also not reptiles, the ostriches were probably my favorite.

From what I could tell, this is what ostriches do all day:

unless they're doing this:

This was all they did for as long as I stood and stared at them. Which was forever. Wish I'd gotten a picture of them...

You're probably wondering why I didn't just take out my iPhone and start snapping pictures of the ostriches and weird pygmy hippopotamus' (which were also asleep the whole time we were there) like every eight year old that was at the zoo... well I was preoccupied much of the time looking at the zoo map for elephants (which didn't exist) and also did not want to futz around with taking my phone out of my bag then putting it back in on such a hot and humidstickysweaty day.

So that was my day at the zoo. I shared some time with my cute boyfriend and learned that camels store fat in their humps rather than water. What could be better?

Oh, right. A sloth exhibit...

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  1. So sounds like you had a very good you are so .......Hmmmmm......dont know an exact word that I can use to define you, BUT I do know you are one of my lil sisters, a great inspiration, and I love you to pieces!!!!!