Thursday, May 23, 2013


I did some beginner yoga yesterday morning, and it became quite clear quite quickly that I am not that good at yoga.

I was doing okay with the downward dog--stand up--sun something--downward dog--stand up business, but then things got a bit more advanced.

Then they got a little too advanced.

What I'd like to know, Yogi, is why you felt that this

was an appropriate pose for beginners yoga. No one on the World Wide Web is even doing that pose which is why I had to sketch in the most impossible leg position ever.

I determined part of the way through my session that watching someone do yoga is as exhausting as actually doing the yoga, so I laid on the floor in relaxation pose for the rest of the time.

What's good is that my day started out with some type of physical activity. What's not good is that my day ended with half a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough in my belly. At 10pm.


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