Monday, May 6, 2013

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Today is a PB&J kinda day. I don't know what makes a day any more PB&J than another, but this day really just felt like it.

Quite right*.

So I went to Panera Bread and got a PB&J off of the children's menu because no where else seems to have PB&J on their normal adult, working woman lunch menu.

Exactly. I was so excited when my buzzer went off, and then I got to the counter.

I wanted to cry a little.

Worst picture ever, but 1) as an adult, I just ordered a PB&J off of the children's menu in a place swarming with people in business suits, 2) my PB&J came with a GoGurt... which I promptly returned because I'm not, in fact, a child, but thanks, and 3) I didn't want people to think I was taking a sweet Instagram picture of my PB&J because I thought it looked awesome.

I know you can't see what's circled, but allow me to tell you what it is. It's the total cost of the sandwich. The amount in the circle would be $4.48.

Excuse me? I should be able to Instagram my PB&J for that price.

So then I opened the sandwich and wanted to cry again. Please have a look:

Lame. So anyway, I still had a hankerin' for a PB&J when I was finished because the first one fed maybe a three year old... so I got another

Oh alright, like you've never gotten two PB&Js before in your life

Good news- the second one really did the trick. Thank Jesus.

*I was in London Heathrow for about an hour and a half yesterday and so now I think I'm British.


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