Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Moving and llama sweaters

1. Moving is for the birds. It's tiring, I yelled a lot, and it gave me pimples.

On the positive side, I donated several pieces of my never worn gently used clothing (which at one time I'm guessing I just had to have), cleaned out my inventory of things and stuff and precious junk and clay pots and antiques and old wood stuff, got ice cream twice and now have the cutest apartment ever in the history of apartments. I'll add pictures once it's actually as cute as I've just said it is.

2. This new apartment is right across the street from a "huge" ("huge" meaning it's still inside a city) park which is perfect for running in during the day and awful for running in at night. Take, for example, my 10 mile run on Monday night. If you're my mom, please stop reading this now.

Despite being in the middle of a city, it's completely and totally 100% black once the sun goes down. This is great if you're a bat or an opossum, but if you're neither, then it's the worst. Add to this the fact that Florence and the Machine is blaring in my ears, and it would appear that I've placed myself in the perfect setting for an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark? or CSI: Boston. It's completely unsafe.

I say this partially because of the potential for being kidnapped (though seriously, if you saw how much I sweat during a run and how loudly I huff-n-puff, you'd realize that I'm actually in no danger of being kidnapped) and mostly because at mile 9.4ish I tripped while trying to cross over a bridge and then ran directly into a large size boulder-- shins first. Miserable.

So anyway, now I have to change my running routine and run earlier which generally isn't a problem except for the fact that it ruins basically everything else in my life-- mainly eating and doing nothing.

3. I've decided that hanging shower curtains is similar to torture. While mid-hang, I considered going completely minimalist by not hanging the curtain at all. I thought about it and then realized that a minimalist wouldn't even have a shower curtain in the first place and that I'd have to throw it out. Then I felt terrible about the thought of wasting a brand new shower curtain and considered putting it in my closet along with all my other things and stuff and precious junk and clay pots and antiques and old wood stuff. Then I finished hanging my shower curtain.

4. We have no cable until Friday. I'll be really upset if I miss Betty White present the President at Thursday's Democratic National Convention.

5. Whole Foods is .3 miles from my apartment. This is wonderful news. I've been there literally every single day since I moved (which is really dramatic because it's only been three days). I intend to spend my entire paycheck on organic kale chips (ew) and sea beans (what?) and I don't even like kale chips or know what sea beans are.

6. My wall used to look like this:

And now it looks like this:

You can ask my cute boyfriend about that one.

7. What is getting ridiculous is the fact that I can not find this sweater from Madewell anywhere:

How is it that it's not for purchase anywhere on the whole world wide web? I find this insulting and hard to believe.

I'm considering contacting Madewell and pleading for them to make one just for me and then yelling when they say that they can't do that. What I need to know is what ever happened to good customer service?

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