Monday, November 26, 2012

Friday night.

Methinks my first Zumba class will always be awkward.

I started Zumba again Friday night after a brief hiatus. I'm really glad I chose the day after Thanksgiving to start again because being the only person other than the instructor in the studio ensures that there is no obstruction from seeing your whole body in the wall to wall mirror.

The instructor promised me, three times, that there are normally more people in the class. Guess people were just tired from a day of trampling moms with kids and being trampled by moms with kids.

Anyway. I stayed. Partially because I ate three pieces of apple crisp the night before and partially because I felt bad leaving.

So a couple of things.

1. Not much has changed about my physique or my expressions while in motion.

2. I have no business ever being in a Bollywood movie, a salsa club, or the Gangnam Style music video.

3. "White girls can't dance" is a fact (although I do dance a mean ChaCha).

4. My dancing skills are amongst the lowest in the East Coast.

         4a. I almost said 'in the country' and then I remembered that these moves exist:

Anyway, after Zumba was over I came home and watched Crazy, Stupid, Love with Alan (hope he's not reading this or he might kill me/ break up with me). He was definitely hating on the movie at first. Then he came around and started laughing at everything Ryan Gosling's character was saying/ doing. Turns out, Alan thinks Ryan's a real man's man.

That's okay. Oh, Ryan Gosling. I love you with your side part even if your hair's not red. Wait... wait. What's that, Ryan? What did you say?

I will blog every day.

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