Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Whoa. I don't even know how to handle the four posts I've made in the last week and a half. Seems like I'm on a roll. Hope it lasts; bet it won't. I just don't have that many cool things other than cats and cat toys happening in my life to warrant constant posting, and if I make one more post about Walter & Winston, I think Ashley will de-friend me.

So anyway.


A lot of things have happened to my body over the last week (not the least of which includes the effects of not running but continuing to eat like I'm hibernating in three weeks anyway).

I tried acupuncture. It was cool; I'll do it again. Then I got my teeth whitened. I hated it and I'll never do it again.

First of all, I look pretty amused up there. Please consider, however, that that apparatus/ torture piece was only in my mouth for all of four minutes when the picture was taken. Please then consider the fact that I had to spend 45 hours like that. Literally each minute took one full hour.

Also. This is what I had to stare at for all that time because I got "the only room without a TV ('so sorry' love, the dentist)":

I don't even know what that means. 

The real bummer here besides the bogus amounts of drool (... listen, I titled this blog 'TMI' for a reason) was the fact that my teeth only got one shade whiter than they previously were.

I think the whole dental system is frauded. I just made up the word frauded because I can't think of a better word and my lunch break is almost up.

Anyway. I walked out with slightly whiter teeth, an at home kit to "enhance and continue the whitening effects"- aka do it myself- and this:

They must be as appalled as I am over the unnecessary amounts of Kit Kats and Peanut M&Ms (and 14 Oreos at 3am*) that I've been eating recently.

*I went for tapas with my girlfriend Michelle the other night. First, let me say that when you make a reservation on, they will absolutely read any comments you leave on the reservation. Case in point... they congratulated me on my engagement to Michelle immediately upon entering. We live in Massachusetts, so they probably get that sort of thing all the time. Obviously, I said "thank you" and pretended like it was real.

Anyway. We partook in several dishes, copious amounts of wine and martinis, then headed off to a bar and afterwards to Michelle's where I ate 14 Oreos and a(nother) KitKat bar.

(I promise my eyeshadow looked WAY better than that in real life. Just ask the rando' with whom I kept talking to about it.)

The next day I had a date with Alan at the Bleacher Bar in Fenway to watch the Bills/ Patriots game.

Who only drinks water at a bar? This girl.

It was a pretty good game, and it came down to the very last pass (which I think stopped Alan's heart for three solid seconds). Bills couldn't clinch it though (I don't even know what that means) and the Patriots won.

And that was that.

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