Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Doughnuts and cats.

There's nothing really interesting for me to write about but I made Ryan Gosling a promise yesterday that I would blog everyday, so that's what I'm doing for at least today and tomorrow.

1. I went to the gym yesterday which felt nice. I have a cold that I refuse to take medicine for so I think the sweat from my (very) mild run on the treadmill (...whatever) helped to clean my body out a little bit. I feel a lot better today and am not sneezing every 5-6 minutes (sorry co-workers in close proximity).

When I walked into the locker room after my workout, I noticed a sign that I hadn't noticed before:



2. I found out some bad news yesterday. My mom might not be able to watch the Walking Dead on Sunday. This means I have zero people to text every time something amazing/gross/disgusting/stupid/idiotic/gross/really gross/terrible/disgusting happens. Also, Alan's also going to be in France for a week and a half, so now I don't even have anyone to WATCH it with.

I cannot.

3. A confession but hardly a surprise: I keep taking pictures of my cats.

They literally have a photo shoot once a day. I can't stop and it's becoming pathetic. Not as pathetic as this cat photo shoot, but close.

That's all.

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