Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ugh, cats...

Alan came to bed the other night, a million hours after I went to bed, and told me "there's cat nip in the sink, but we can get it tomorrow."

First of all, I thought it was morning. Turns out it wasn't. Second of all, I thought "there's cat nip in the sink" meant the bag of catnip was literally in the sink. Turns out, that's not what he meant.


and whatever this thing is...

 After this I got tired of taking pictures.

Ugh. Good thing I have a new vacuum that I use four times a day at a minimum. It's also a good thing they're so cute all potted up.

Mostly Walter because he always looks so dumb. Love that mug.

Hey there, Queens. You just hang out while I clean up everything.

The good news is, it's time for pomegranates again.

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